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Picture a cabin in a rainy forest, with a little fireplace and a very warm bed. Imagine laying back, thoughts floating through your head as you weather the storm in comfort. This is the sort of feeling LA duo Weatherhouse inspires with their music; equal parts fresh, contemplative, and enveloping.

Singer-multi-instrumentalists George Cochrane and Christopher Vick have leant their talents to an exceptional swath of Los Angeles music. From the beachside vibes of Wild & Free to the dark shoegaze of Draemings and the cracked techno clatter of Give In, along with scores of co-writes and productions for other artists, the duo is always active.

Weatherhouse formed as an outlet for the pair’s heavy-duty obsessions in classic disco and house, along with witchy weirdness from bands like the Cocteau Twins, Can, and Basic Channel. From the start, there has been little attention paid to trends or chasing internet points. Rather, their music is a rapturous flow of whatever sounds and ideas are most exciting in the moment, lending a scintillating breadth of style and mood.

The debut Weatherhouse album “E Pluribus Calo Disco” helped bring the frisson and spectacle of classic Italo Disco back into house music. The follow-up EPs “2012” and “Lost Ridge” drew from more modern influences, each flipping the related paradigm into new heights of beauty and emotion.

The new single “One is You,” released with LA artist’s collective Beta Wave, is a sterling example of how well that beauty-and-beast ethos works. Plaintive vocals cast shimmering contrails over a bed of boom-bap drums, distant guitars, and playful synth work, all culminating in an emotive explosion that begs to be replayed again and again. And this is just the beginning.

Look out for an upcoming series of releases, DJ mixes, and video content that will provide an even better glimpse into the beautiful heart of Weatherhouse.

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